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Youth Guarantee Plan Plus 2021 - 2027 of decent work for young people

The Youth Guarantee Plan Plus 2021 - 2027
of decent work for young persons
organizes the work of the entities
ofNational System of Youth Guarantee
between 2021 and 2027 .

Youth Guarantee
it is a:
in the appear file
all persons
what young people
in the draft
Youth guarantee.

The European Union requests
governments do plans
the project to develop Youth Guarantee
as a condition to give them money for this.

European union: is
organizational matters.
most of Europe

The Youth Guarantee Plan Plus
want to improve the skills of young people
to be able to find employment.

The Youth Guarantee Plan Plus
form part of the strategic Plan for Youth.

The Strategic Plan Avanza Youth
the plan is that organizes all activities and projects
the government of Spain develops
for young people find work.

This latest plan organizes activities
they cost almost 5 millions of euros.
Is the plan of the government of spain
that more money is going to invest
to achieve these objectives.

The autonomous communities
participated in the establishment of the plan.

Autonomous community:
is the name of the
northwest territories,
divided By Spain.
example Andalucía ,
Galicia or the community
of Madrid .

The characteristics of the activities of the Plan

To meet the objectives of the plan,
professionals developed should:

  • Meet each young person.

  • Offering
    learn to make new tasks
    or to improve the tasks that we can do it.

    To decide which courses they offer,
    should take into account
    what are the jobs
    for those who are no further offers of employment.

  • Give aid to businesses
    to hire
    young people more vulnerable.

  • Treat all members equally.

    They must work to end
    discrimination against women
    in the workplace.

  • And to encourage young people
    to create their own businesses
    and helping them to do so.

The most important activities of the Plan

All activities of the plan
there are the same way.

For example:

  • To be addressed
    the needs of each young person.

  • Each young person in the draft proposals
    it must be offered work or study
    in the 4 following months.

  • It should provide assistance and direct care
    all people, through:

    • the phone

    • and the internet.

The activities and most important projects
the programme of Youth Guarantee Plus 2021 - 2027 are:

  • Grants, and activities
    for the self-employmentyoung people
    affected by the crisis in the COVID- 19 .

    Consist of:

    • support for
      contributions Social Security
      during 6 months

    • aid to advertise their projects,

    • assistance digital transformation

    • and courses on digital marketing
      and trade.

Self-employmentcreate you is:
same or your
the same job.

Social Security:
the system of protection
the health, labour or
family life which covers
all spaniards and
the spanish and that
we paid for all.

Digital transformation:
it is the process of making
their work more spanish
and best
the internet.

Digital Marketing:
sell things technical
over the internet.

  • Microcredit the programme Undertakes.

    Young people
    they want to mount a company
    can receive money to start
    through these microcredits.

    Through the programme Undertakes, in addition,
    professionals specializing in enterprises
    advises persons receiving microcredits.

Microcredits: are
small quantities of
money provided to

  • More and better programmes
    of labour.

    The Government will improve
    the service of job orientation called Re-Orienta.

    The government wants
    that people who are responsible for the guide
    and to help young people
    have better working conditions
    and the recognition of their work more.

    Will also assess the quality of service
    from time to time.

    The Government intended to address
    in particular
    young people
    that form families of their own.
    Above all,
    to be improved shared responsibility
    and do away with gender stereotypes.

    Counselling services help labour
    young people find work

    • courses and materials
      on the rights of working people,

    • training contracts

    • and digital tools.

Job orientation:
the knowledge and
the techniques to help
find a job that
suited to them.

Shared responsibility:
take care of the family and
the house between the 2
a couple.

the rules are:
to say how social
must be men and

Training contracts:
are contracts of employment
first people
to make the workers
tasks of a post of

  • Efforts to improve
    equality between men and women,
    the conciliation and shared responsibility.


    • activities of labour
      according to the equality plans,

    • activities
      for women of peoples,
      for example, courses or aid for self-employment

    • or activities to raise professional women STEM.

Conciliation: it is power
during that time
the day to work,
for the family and for the

Equality plans:
are the agreements
sign in enterprises
to combat
women suffer.

STEMstands for:
that is used to talk about
science and technology.

  • Aid and care for young people
    so courses or curricula.

    The government wants
    that young people
    soon abandoned their studies
    re-think tanks.

    Create professional persons
    custom itineraries
    to study how to help
    each person requiring such assistance.

studies made
on the situation of
every person who
need help.

  • The First professional experience.

    It is a program that organizes
    opportunities in public administrations
    for young persons who have never worked.

  • Attention to return to find work.

    Public employment services
    they will work from towns and villages
    with the rest of the public authorities
    to that young people
    that does not seek to work
    because they believe they do not find
    have new opportunities.

    For example, job or courses.

  • Efforts to improve the situation
    of the LGBTI young persons.

    The discrimination they suffer from LGBTI
    means that they have fewer opportunities
    to find work.

    To improve their situation
    these activities will be developed:

    • a programme for LGBTI people
      and to propose ideas
      to eliminate discrimination,

    • courses on rights of persons LGBTI
      for professional career orientation,

    • campaigns
      and other forms of dissemination
      LGBTI professionals

    • and campaigns on the rights
      LGBTI people in companies.

LGBTI peopleare:
acronyms used
to speak of women
lesbians, men
homosexuals, persons
transgender persons,

do you do during a time
to give concrete
learn something.

  • Efforts to improve
    the situation of the young migrants.


    • activities of job orientation

    • and work opportunities.

are persons
been born in other
countries and now live in

  • Efforts to improve
    the situation of persons with disabilities.

    There are many young people with disabilities
    out of work.
    There are many that have long without working.

    that will be made to improve their situation are:

    • Increase knowledge
      the people of counsellors
      caring for persons with disabilities.

    • Activities to publicise
      professionals with disabilities
      and remember companies what important
      that is to hire the disabled.

    • And improve service Bridge.
      That is, shall be engaged more
      labour training support
      in order to better address
      persons with disabilities who are seeking work.

Occupational training
support budget:
are persons
people with
disability when
find a job
new and helps them

  • Improving care for young persons of peoples
    cities and most in need.

    With activities and projects, including:

    • Projects for the recovery
      its towns and cities.

      Organize projects
      with creative young persons
      they have ideas for improving their areas.

    • The actions of generational succession.

      for young persons of peoples
      learn to do some work traditional
      and can be involved in the future.

    • Workshop schools, employment workshop
      and Empleo-formación programmes.

    • The Workshop programme Networks.

      Through this programme,
      young people
      may go live in another town or village english
      to learn to do any work
      or to serve on it.

Employment - programmes
a mixture of projects
job openings.

To organize this transition,
create a map of opportunities
and needs in each area.

  • Opportunities
    in economic transition.

    This transition or change
    is 2 main parts:

    • The change towards a digital economy.

      For this purpose, it is organized:

      • training courses and curricula
        to develop digital skills,

      • programmes in search of work
        through the internet

      • and activities to reduce
        inequalities between areas
        through new digital tools.

    • Climate
      towards an economy more sustainable
      and efficient.

      To that end, the subprogramme will support projects such as:

      • projects that create
        related jobs
        with the technology and research,

      • or projects that create
        jobs in ports,
        in transport, at sea,
        in the energy of the sea or tourism.

Sustainable development: is
characteristic of what
it is compatible and respects
the others,
animals and own

opportunities and
studies made
on an area for
knowing their
and how needs
improving it.

  • Support for young persons
    or do business practices
    in research centres
    and in technology companies.

  • Dual vocational schools.

    These are programmes that link
    vocational training
    with paid employment in an enterprise.

    These programmes last from one year
    and a half years.

    Professionals in the public administration
    accompany each young person
    participating in these programmes.

  • The second chance.

    to help find work
    young people
    who gave up their studies very soon.

    People who participate in these programmes
    study for
    Certificates of professionalism.

titles who say that
a person performs
specific skills.
For example, to know how
use and cooking food.

The price of the activities and measures in the Plan

Actividades o proyectos

El Plan GJ+

Se va invertir...

3 mil 263 millones
de euros
entre los años 2021 y 2027.

Se pagarán con dinero
del Fondo Social Europeo.

Fondo Social Europeo:
es dinero que ponen los
países de la Unión
Europea para hacer
proyectos para mejorar
la vida de la gente.

Actividades o proyectos

El Plan de Recuperación,
Transformación y Resiliencia

Se va invertir...

765 millones de euros
divididos entre:

  • 330 millones
    de euros
    en el programa
    Primeras Experiencias

  • 315 millones
    de euros
    en el programa

  • Y 120 millones
    de euros
    en el programa tándem

Actividades o proyectos

Otras inversiones
del Plan de Recuperación,
Transformación y Resiliencia

Se va invertir...

172 millones de euros

Actividades o proyectos

Programas de Formación
y Empleo

Se va invertir...

600 millones de euros

Actividades o proyectos

con la Secretaría de Estado de Digitalización
e Inteligencia Artificial

Se va invertir...

150 millones de euros

Actividades o proyectos

En total..

Se va invertir...

4 mil 950 millones de euros

Important documents on the Plan

You can read the following document
to learn more about the Youth Guarantee Plan Plus 2021 - 2027 :

  • Resolution 24 june 2021
    which publishes the agreement of the council of ministers
    adopted by the Youth Guarantee Plan Plus 2021 - 2027
    of decent work for young people.

    Click on this linkto read the document.

  • Resolución de 24 de junio de 2021
    por la que se publica el Acuerdo del Consejo de Ministros
    que aprueba el Plan Garantía Juvenil Plus 2021-2027
    de trabajo digno para las personas jóvenes.

    Haz click en este enlace para leer el documento.

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Public service
State employment or
: is the service
the administration of
Spain responsible
to address the issues
related to the
work of the spanish
and the spaniards.