The profiles of the job offer

The Observatory of occupations in the SEPE, studies the professional profiles of the offer of employment from economic activities and occupations with better performance in employment and better prospects of the labour market.

Work is carried out by monitoring and analysis of a significant sample of job offers published on websites of employment, both tenders from the company as tenders issued by various intermediadores: public employment services, temporary work agencies, placement agencies, specialized websites in employment, etc.

In each of the professional profiles, a characterization of employment that reflects the working conditions proposed by employers and the specific competencies, skills and competencies required personal nominees, apart from training and experience exigidas.también reflects the main labour market indicators of the group of professional profile, in order to put it in context in the labour market, to analyse their behaviour, evolution, mechanisms of entry and exit of the market, mobility, etc. Finally cover occupations analysed in the profiles, roles and some aspects of training.

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Professional profiles available

Shows all professional profiles studied in the various editions published and competencies required by companies to cover their jobs. Given the volume of the same are grouped in big professional groups.

In/Monthly information annual labour market by occupationit is available updates of key labour market indicators displayed in the profiles of the job offer (trying the first application that do the job seekers to mediate in the labour market).