DO Cobraré unemployment at the end of my contract if i am the director or director general of a company?

IT would be entitled to unemployment benefits if the post was played exclusively director or director-general with a special contract management is regular or a contract, provided that it meets the other requirements of access to benefits.

If, in addition to the directorate-general, had had a post of counsellor/a or admin in a society, bear in mind that, although the Social Security for this situation is assessed to be assimilated to employment, are excluded from protection against unemployment do not pay for this contingency.

In such circumstances, if there are unintentionally in unemployment, could apply for benefits to be legally unemployed. However, the minimum period required for access to the benefit is calculated taking into account the contributions of the previous six years at the beginning of the Latest contract ceases in the office of executive direction and counsellor or admin.

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