I have worked 420 days and 4 months of unemployment, as if he worked 360 . You can save for a further benefit from other detainees.

If you have worked 420 days you are entitled to four months of benefits, as if you had worked 360 days. The remaining days cannot be saved for another benefit.

The days of benefit are calculated according to a scale that is divided into sections of days of quoted employment (from 360 to 539 days of contributions = 120 days of entitlement; from 540 to 719 = 180 days; from 720 to 899 = 240 days, etc. ).

In your case, when you credit a total of 420 days, the section that covers between 360 and 539 days of contributions is applied to you, so you are entitled to 120 days of benefit. You would have had the same right if you worked 360 days or the maximum of the section, in this case 539.

The remaining days cannot be used to access another subsequent benefit.