General direction

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Don Gerardo Gutiérrez Ardoy.

C/ . Condesa de Venadito, 9 - 28027 - MADRID .

Switchboard: 91 585 98 88
Telephone: 91 585 98 25 / 26 / 32 .
Fax 91 408 00 17

The General Direction of public service state employment will assume the powers of planning, direction, control and inspection of the agency's activities for the fulfilment of its purposes.

The General manager of the public employment service state, which will assume the legal representation of the same, will be appointed and dismissed by royal decree, agreed in cabinet, on the proposal of the Minister the ministry of Employment and Social security.

The General Direction will be assigned an intervention delegate of the General intervention of administration of the State.

The overall direction depend on the following bodies, with professional level general office:

a) General Office of resources and organization.

b) General Office of Institutional Relations and legal assistance.

c) General Office of financial management.

d) General statistics Office and information.

e) General Office information technology and communications.

(f) General Office of unemployment benefits.

g) General Office active employment policies.

In case of absence, vacant or illness, the general manager will be replaced by the Deputy Director-General, by the same order contained in the previous paragraph.