General office for unemployment benefits

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Deputy Director General:

(C/ . Condesa de Venadito, 9 - 28027 - Madrid
Telephone: 91 585 28 39 / 41
Fax 91 585 28 25


With professional level General Office and direct dependence of General manager of the public employment service state, correspond to this unit follows


to) Develop policy proposals and development of protection by unemployment.

(b) Ordering the management functions and services derived from unemployment benefits.

(c) to establish and maintain business processes to develop by the different units of public service state employment, unemployment protection.

d) design measures of improvement and modernization of unemployment benefits, through the incorporation of new technologies, facilitating the management telematics.

e) Propose ways and planning the proceedings necessary to provide efficient attention to citizens quality information and management of unemployment benefits, your attention also developing telematics.

(f) suggest goals and action plans, as well as mechanisms of control of the management of unemployment benefits, and the commitment of activity, as well as follow it through.

(g) develop plans of control of the recipients of unemployment benefits and tracking, as well as proposing objectives and joint actions with labour inspection and Social security for the control of these benefits.

h) track income and expenditures of unemployment benefits, as well as assessing the protection system for unemployment and the evolution of the collectives protected.

i) Propose mechanisms for coordination between active employment policies and unemployment benefits.

j) To Develop the functions as a liaison agency of public service state employment for the application of Community regulations of Social security in terms of unemployment benefit.