General office of resources and organization

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Deputy director-General:
Mrs Aurora Says Monk

(C/ .Condesa de Venadito, 9 - 28027 - Madrid .
Telephone: 91 275 93 33
Fax 91 585 95 48 .

At the level of deputy chief executive officers and a direct result of the Director General of the public employment service, State them to this unit the following


a) the functions of the public employment service State in planning, management and human resources management, including plans to improve the performance and training, social action, the disciplinary regime, empowerment, relations with staff union representatives, and agree on the enforcement of judgments in terms of personnel, as well as to ensure compliance with standards for the prevention of occupational risks.

(b) identify investment requirements of new and replacement of works, maintenance of the units of the public employment service through State; the interior; registration and the records.

(c) coordinate the relationship of the units that make up the structure with the peripheral areas of the central structure, propose the objectives and work plan to the peripheral level, the public employment service state and to follow it, as well as to identify the means to fulfil its purposes.

(d) establish and develop the Plan of Quality and Continuous Improvement through the organization and systematization of processes and procedures for managing the public employment service state, in the quality framework adopted by the General state administration.


Under the organic and functional unit of this Sub-Department, provides for the unity of services in the public employment service with the State professional level determined in the ratio of jobs, without prejudice to the attributes of the General inspectorate of services of the ministry of Employment and Social security.