May I take a subsidy if i do not have family responsibilities?

IT may charge a subsidy even if you do not have family responsibilities, as there are some modalities of an allowance for which there are no requirements as burdens, as in the case of the following target groups:

  • Unemployed persons aged over 45 years who have exhausted contributory.
  • Unemployed persons aged over 52 years that meet all requirements, age, except for retirement pension.
  • Unemployed persons who had made between 180 and 359 days.
  • Unemployed persons who have been declared to be fully capable or partially invalid as a result of the review of its disability pension.
  • Persons who are released from prison.
  • Working people returning emigrants.

In addition to belong to any of the previous collective, must comply with the following requirements:

  • Not having higher individual pensions, in the monthly calculation, 75 % minimum wage in forceexcluding the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay.
  • Be registered or registered as a jobseeker, complete the agreement of activity included in the application or refusing to supply adequate employment, or refusing to participate in training, promotion or retraining.