To access the unemployment subsidy, the son or daughter of my partner, with whom convivo, takes into account?

In the case of marriage, the son or daughter of the spouse of the applicant or person receiving the subsidy, living side by side with both, be invoked as a by household burden, provided that it is a minor 26 years or older or disabled children 18 years placed in care, to fulfil the requirement of lack of income above 75 % the minimum wage (SMI) (for this year amounts) and that the expenses necessary for their livelihood are undertaken from income to meet its unity of coexistence.

But if it is a pair of fact, the son or daughter of his partner shall not be invoked as a household burden by the applicant or person receiving the subsidy, or may be taken into account their earnings to those affected to determine if it meets the requirements to have family responsibilities.

More information on: "Family responsibilities".

You can request the state allowances:

  • Person: in the office of benefits that applicable according to his home, upon request meeting on the Internetor call “ telephone.
  • Through the website of the public employment service Estatal (SEPE) and always to have digital certificate, electronic identity card or username and password cl@ve.