I have been subcontracted by means of a temporary work, when the user enterprise to dispense with my services, do i have the right to drawing unemployment?

If is extinguished the employment relationship with the agency can (A) to finalize the contract of provision in the company where you work, it is considered legal status of desempleo.también will be legally unemployed the purpose or interruption of regular workers discontinuous.

Therefore, if you meet other requirements for access to unemployment benefits, you can have the right to the same.

You can learn more about conditions of access to the contributory clicking here.

You can apply for unemployment benefit:

  • Person: in the employment office you appropriate according to his home, upon request meeting on the Internetor call “ telephone.
  • Through the website of the public employment service Estatal (SEPE), provided that you have digital certificate, electronic identity card or username and password cl@ve.