I have found a job

In general, the work, whether employed or self-employed, is incompatible with her benefits or unemployment benefit.

If when a situation that causes the suspension or cessation of the allowance or allowance, you have not communicated to the public employment service state and continues to receive benefit improperly, it is considered a serious offence and subject to the extinction of the provision or of the grant.

There are options or programmes of compatibility of service with work, i.e. situations in which it is possible to work while receives an allowance or benefit, as indicated below:

The general rule provides that if you are gaining a contributory benefit or allowances by unemployment and starts working employed full time, we will suspend payment of hazard pay:

  • If the contract lasts less than 360 days, when this ends, may request the resumption of the provision that it stopped at the start of work.
  • If the contract lasts 360 days or longer, and you were gaining contributory benefit, by the end of the contract, you can choose between two possibilities: back to draw to the start that it stopped work or apply for a new provision to contribute.

The right to the provision that it had adopted is extinguished when conducting a self-employed work duration equal to or exceeding 12 months. However, if he was a new unemployment benefit without having exhausted the provision herein, you can choose from to reopen the previous provision (by the time, with bases, percentage and allotment ceilings), or receive the generated by new contributions made. you must apply in writing within 10 days since the adoption of the provision.

If you choose the previous provision, which led to the new provision by which it has not chosen will not be considered for a subsequent provision.

  • If you what was being made was the unemployment allowance and has had more contracts since the beginning of the grant and between these contracts and the just ended meets a minimum of 360 days, or if the contract lasts 360 or more days, must request a provision of level of contributors rather than the resumption of the grant has stopped, because the contributory unemployment benefit is a priority.

Over 52 who are gaining allowance.

Beneficiaries of unemployment benefits when businesses availing themselves of the replacement programme training employed workers

A work as it affected at the moment that you must know that there is to be, please inform on:

  • The electronic site SEPE, if you have a digital certificate, electronic identity card or cl@ve username and password.
  • The service telephonefrom monday to friday from 7.30 9 to 14 p.m.
  • The employment office after the acquisition of appointment in the Electronicthe state employment service, state or by telephone.