Se considerarán actuaciones de búsqueda activa de empleo (BAE) cada una de las siguientes:

  1. Self-employment or for others.
  2. Registration in at least a.
  3. Sending or presentation of curricula in at least three different companies.
  4. Realization of at least a job interview.
  5. Registration as a job applicant in at least two portals public or private employment.
  6. Presentación, al menos, a una oferta de trabajo gestionada por los Servicios Públicos de Empleo.
  7. Any training or for information addressed to the self-employment and entrepreneurship, offer by the public employment services.

Accreditation will be sufficient for ensuring compliance with this obligation the certificate issued by a work include, in addition to the registration of the applicant at the same, the realization of this two of the proceedings between the third and sixth above.