I have the right to the RAI


If you still unemployed, and has no right to contributory benefit or unemployment allowance, may request the renta activa de inserción (RAI).

It shall seek appointment for application in the public employment service Estatal (SEPE). If a person is long-term unemployed or person with disabilities, in advance, must prove to the public employment service of his office autonomous action active job-searching (BAE).



  • Being unemployed or unemployed or registered and registered as a jobseeker, maintaining this registration throughout the period of perception of the provision and signing the the agreement of activity.
  • Less than 65 years.
  • Not having monthly income in excess of own 75 % the minimum wage (SMI), excluding the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay(Amounts for this year). incomewill be awarded for its Full performance or product. The appropriate performance of businesses, professional, agricultural, livestock, artistic or will be computed by the difference between income and expenditure requirements for obtaining property profit will be awarded for the difference between gains and losses.
  • If you have a spouse and/or children less than 26 or older with disabilities, or juveniles at reception, Only means meet the requirement of lack of income the amount of the income of all members of the family unit well organised, incluyéndole you, divided by the number of members, does not exceed the 75 per cent of the SMI, excluding the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay.
  • Access to the RAI victims of gender-based violence, domestic or sexual accredited individuals with such status before the competent authority, provided they have not benefited previously of three programmes, which should live together with their aggressors, included registered as jobseekers and fulfil the requirement of lack of income of the family unit.
  • Not having been a beneficiary or beneficiaries of three rights the renta activa de inserción above.

People in long-term unemployment

Persons with disabilities

Emigrants returned

Victims of domestic violence, sexual violence or domestic violence

More information on the Renta Activa de inserción (RAI)

You can get more information on the phone 060 .