Victims of gender violence or domestic violence

If you are a victim of gender violence or domestic violence to have the right to the renta activa de inserción (RAI) shall, in addition to meeting thegeneral requirements:

  • Be accredited by the competent administration status as victims of gender-based violence and domestic violence act, except when side by side with the their aggressors,y estar inscrita como demandante de empleo, siempre que reúna los requisitos exigidos, excepto el de ser mayor deyears and be a jobseeker registered as unemployed continuously twelve months or more.

Is a victim of gender-based violence women who experience physical or psychological violence (including attacks against sexual freedom, threats, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty) on the part of those who are or have been their spouses or of those who are or have been linked to it by similar relationships of emotional health, even without cohabitation and irrespective of their marital status. In Addition, they will also be the victim of violence against women of their sons or daughters minors and minors under their tutorship or guardianship and custody experiencing this violence.

Shall be considered a victim of domestic violence, for the purposes of RAI:

Who has suffered such violence if this has been exercised by:

  • His spouse, excónyuge, unmarried person similar relationship of emotional health, or former partner, if the victim is not women, or both partners are the same sex.
  • His or her children or their parents, with independence, in both cases, of their age.
  • The children or parents of their spouse or excónyuge or de facto union or former partner, of any age.
  • Excónyuge spouse or partner of his parent or a parent.

Will not have the consideration of victims of domestic violence who suffer attacks from other members of the family unit different to listed individuals.