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El presente sitio Web está traducido a varias lenguas españolas oficiales en sus respectivos territorios, de conformidad con lo establecido en el artículo 3 de la Constitución Española de 1978 y sus Estatutos de Autonomía.

Las lenguas son el catalán, el euskera, gallego, valenciano, inglés y francés. Se advierte que, con carácter general, puede existir un desfase entre la versión en castellano y en las otras lenguas, derivado del proceso de traducción a las mismas.

Individual long-term unemployed

If you are a long-term unemployed person, you must first prove to the regional public employment service of your office that you have carried out at least three aactive job search actions (BAE) and you must meet the following requirements to be entitled to the income. active insertion (RAI), in addition to the general requirements:

  • Be 45 or older.
  • Having terminated a contributory benefit or unemployment subsidy, except by sanction.
  • Not having the right to unemployment benefits or subsidies or agricultural income.
  • Be registered continuously in the employment office as a job seeker for 12 or more months. The claim is considered interrupted if you have worked a cumulative period of 90 or more days in the 365 days prior to the date of request to join the active insertion income program or if you have gone abroad. Registration will not be considered interrupted for work of less than 90 days and when it is proven that the departure abroad was for a stay equal to or less than 15 days and was caused by:
    • Marriage.
    • Birth of son or daughter.
    • Death or serious illness of the spouse or relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.
    • Compliance with an inexcusable duty of a public and personal nature.

Registration will also not be interrupted by departure to countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, as long as the stay is less than 90 days, to search for or carry out work, professional development or international cooperation.

Actively seek employment, without having rejected an adequate job offer or having refused to participate, except for justified cause, in promotion, training or professional or other retraining actions to increase employability.

You must previously prove to the regional public employment service office that you have carried out at least three active job search actions (BAE).

Each of the following will be considered BAE actions:

  1. Self-employed or employed work.
  2. Registration in at least, one placement agency.
  3. Sending or presenting resumes in at least three different companies.
  4. Carrying out at least one job interview.
  5. Registration as a job seeker in at least two public or private job portals.
  6. Presentation, at least, of one job offer managed by the Public Employment Services.
  7. Any training or information action aimed at self-employment and entrepreneurship, offered by the Public Employment Services.

The certificate issued by a placement agency that includes, in addition to the registration of the applicant in it, the performance by it of two of the actions between the third and sixth above, will constitute sufficient accreditation of compliance with this obligation.