If you have 52 years or more and has exhausted the benefit or subsidy by unemployment, know what are the requirements to be fulfilled and the information needed to apply for a grant by higher unemployment 52 years.

Note for unemployment subsidy older 52 years

Information note for beneficiaries of unemployment subsidy of over 55 years


    • To be an emigrant has returned to Spain (must have worked abroad at least 12 months in the past six years, since its Last departure from spain, in countries outside the European Union (EU) or to the european economic area (EEA)) and may not be entitled to contributory unemployment benefit.
    • To be released or released from jail without the right to contributory unemployment benefit, where the deprivation of liberty for than 6 months.
    • Having been declared or declared fully capable or person with a partial permanent disability as a result of a file improvement from major disability, absolute permanent disability or permanent total incapacity for the profession.
    • Be legally unemployed and may not be entitled to contributory unemployment benefit, having contributed by unemployment, at least 90 and 359 days.
  1. Be registered or registered as a jobseeker during a month since exhaust unemployment benefit you were receiving (date to the end of the allowance, which will always be prior to the date of the Last her benefits), o desde la fecha de la inscripción como demandante de empleo si se accede al subsidio por ser emigrante retornado, liberado o liberada de prisión o por revisión de la incapacidad, and not to have rejected during that month no provision of adequate placement, nor have refused to participate, unless justified cause, in the promotion, training or retraining. Registration must be maintained throughout the period of perception of the grant.
  2. The meeting commitment of activity, which is included in the application the subsidy.
  3. Their own lack of any nature that monthly calculation to be above 75 per cent of the national minimum wage., excluding the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay. If you do not fulfil this requirement on the date of the question, you can access the subsidy if they comply with and evidenced within one year then. In any case, the implementation of this requirement must be maintained throughout the period of perception of the grant.
  4. To show that in date the question and in the the request of the grant meets the requirements, except the age, to access any contributory retirement pension in the Social security system english - have contributed on retirement 15 years, two of whom have to be within the last 15 - and which has made at a minimum of unemployment 6 years in the course of their working lives. The contributions made in other countries are taken into account to receive this benefit only if they have been carried out in countries belonging to the european economic area or with the convention there totalization of periods for the protection by unemployment.

    Is considered as the date of the question:

    Obligations, infractions and sanctions

    • For those who have completed the age of 52 years then, the date on the waiting period of one month (if access to an allowance for adults over 52 years is by having exhausted contributory, for having been released or released from jail, for having returned from abroad or have been declared or declared fully capable or incapable of partial permanent) or the date of the legal status of unemployment (if access to an allowance for adults over 52 years is with accreditation status of contributions unemployment and inadequate access to the contributory benefit).

    • For those who are not reaching the age of 52 years of age be found in any of the cases of access to a grant in compliance with this age.

    • For those who to date 13 march 2019 having already met 52 years but had not been able to access the subsidy for over 55 - either by persons under that age, either because they have attained higher but without being paid or to receive any subsidy -, the date of the fact is causing the 13 march 2019 , which entered into force the royal Decreto-ley 8 / 2019 , which gives them access to an allowance for adults over 52 years provided that they meet all the requirements outlined above, except for not having received the protection due to cessation of activity or the provision as a possible. IT must meet the requirement of continuous registration as a jobseeker in public employment services, in this case, from the date on which were found in any of the cases of access to the grant provided for in point 3 until 13 march 2019 .

Duration and amount


The duration will be until you reach the ordinary age is required to qualify for contributory retirement pension in the Social security system.


The amount of monthly unemployment subsidy is equal to 80 % of income public indicator of multiple effects (IPREM). (Amounts for this year).

The managing body (public employment service state, or Social Institute navy) will enter the Social security contributions for retirement. The contribution base for retirement will be the 125 % minimum contribution cap in force in each moment.

The payment of the grant instalments shall be by of 30 days between the days 10 and 15 immediate next month at which the accrual. It will be, exceptions, through the payment in the account of the financial institution that you indicate, whenever holder of the same.

Documentation required

How and where can I processing the application of the grant

Documentation that should bring is as follows:

  • Official application model.
  • Document of identification of the applicant, to check the data it is sufficient to show one of the following:
    • Spanish and Spanish: National identity document (DNI) or passport.
    • Foreign and foreigners resident in Spain:
      • Nationals of the European Union: Certificate of registration of citizen/to the European Union contains the NIE, together with the passport or identity document in their country of origin.
      • Non-nationals of the European Union: Identity card from foreign (TIE) which has the NIE, and the passport.
  • Any bank document containing the account number of which you is the owner and where you want to receive the benefit.
  • Only if the public service state employment requested, the proof of income.

To maintain the right to grant, must justify continues to fulfil the requirement of lack of annuities own. for this, must submit to the public employment service a State statement of their incomes every twelve months from the date of birth of the right to grant or from the date on which resumed last. The deadline for submitting this statement is 15 days of one that meet the twelve months.

If not introduced this statement on the time indicated, be interrupted and grant the quote to Social security.

If it offers the statement out of time, will resume the collection of the grant, but with effect from the date on which such statement delivered.

Workers that they receive the older grant 52 years may sign a Special Convention, through the provincial departments of the General Treasury of Social security, to complete the retirement quote the public employment service State.

When, where and how tramito

When the subsidy request and when the entitlement

There are several assumptions:

  1. If you have 52 years or more at the time to meet all the requirements for accessing a subsidy, must apply within the 15 days from that in which meets the waiting period of one month or credited location of legal unemployment for having ceased involuntarily in a work, accrediting an occupation period exceeding 90 days and below 360 .

    In these cases, requested in term, the older allowance 52 years will be born from the day following that in the month of expected or from the day after legal situation of unemployment.

  2. If the date on which it is located in a course of access to a subsidy does not have accomplished the age of 52 years must submit an application within the 15 working days following the fulfilment of that age, provided that until then has remained registered or registered, as established in the previous paragraph.

    If when he reaches that age is seeing any other subsidy, this will be extinct and will recognize the older allowance 52 years.

    In both cases, requested in term, the right is obtained from the day following that in compliance 52 years.

  3. If the day 13 March 2019 already has met 52 years, but has not been able to access the older allowance 55 years as a minor 55 years 12 March 2019 , or be greater than 55 years having fulfilled that age without being perceived nor the entitlement to any subsidy, the deadline for submitting the application will be of 15 working days 13 March 2019 and will benefit from the day 14 March 2019 .

    In all cases, if the application is made out of time, the right is obtained from the day following the application, provided that the requirements are fulfilled not only in the date of the request, but also in the date of the event causing and which has not crowded no cause of extinction of law.

    May submit an application through:

    • The electronic site SEPE.

    • In the office of benefits (after obtaining in the previous appointment electronic site the SEPE or by telephone).

    • In any public registry office.

    • By mail administrative.

    You can get more information in the telephone the citizenry.