The agricultural subsidy is an unemployment allowance for working people of any special system for employees of the Agricultural Social security.

There are two types of unemployment allowance as protective measures:

  • Agricultural subsidies in favour of persons casual Special system for employees of the Agricultural Social security.
  • Special agricultural subsidy for casual Special system for employees of the Agricultural Social Security over 52 years.


  • Be person agrarian contingent workers employed in any locality Andalucía or Extremadura and i found this allowance to any of the 3 years prior to the date of application.
  • Have contributed for at least 35 routine in the twelve calendar months immediately prior to the situation of unemployment, except if it has been the beneficiary or beneficiaries of community Employment 1983 , in which case she regain access to agricultural subsidies with only 20 the euro-SEASS days and/or work of the contribution rate AEPSA. Seniors 35 years or children with family responsibilities can complete the 35 conferences with contributions by the AEPSA.
  • Under the Decreto-ley Real 4 / 2022 applications submitted between the 17 march 31 december 2022 they will reduce implementation 20 the number of days minimum required for access to unemployment benefit and income tax agraría, in the same terms used in the past.
  • By joint implementation of the royal decree-law 4 / 2022 and the first transitional provision Royal Decree 5 / 1997 , which regulates the grant SEASS, personastrabajadoras over thirty-five years, and under that age with family responsibilities, they can complete the minimum number of 20 actual days listed on the twelve calendar months immediately prior to becoming unemployed computando contributions made to the General Social security system on the occasion of the work provided in the affected works for employment and Social protection For Agriculture, provided that had made:
    or at least five days SEASS royal, whether they had been receiving the grant in the immediately preceding year, or
    or at least fifteen days SEASS real, if they are not receiving the subsidy in the year immediately preceding it.
  • When people wanted workers 20 or more days paid real credit to be considered 35 actual days paid for the purposes of the second transitional provision of royal decree 5 / 1997 and, therefore, in this case, the duration of the grant.
  • Being unemployed unemployed, or register as a jobseeker, maintain a registered notice while receive benefit and fulfil the commitment of activity which is included in the application.
  • Be registered or registered in the census of agriculture Special Social security as an individual worker employed workers, in situations of high or assimilated thereto and the payment of the flat fee.
  • At the time of application of the grant and reap while having no incomeany individual who, in annual calculation, are higher than the minimum wage (SMI) in force, excluding two extraordinary pay ( For this year amounts). In addition to fulfil this requirement of not having their own, if you live with others over 16 years who are part of a family unit itself, it will be taken into account that the sum of all income of people are the family unit does not exceed the limits to the year of income:
    • For households of two members, 2 SMI times.
    • For households in three members, 2 , 75 SMI times.
    • For family units of four members, 3 , 50 SMI times.
    • For families 5 or more members, 4 SMI times.

To establish the income limit of the family unit will take into account the SMI including overtime pay. For this calculation form the family unit of coexistence, in addition to the applicant, spouse, ascendants, descendants and other relatives by consanguinity and affinity to the second degree inclusive or, where appropriate, adoption, living side by side with the applicant.

If you have children less than 16 years with whom you live, the income limit will be greater, increasing by 0 , 10 the gini SMI multiplier for every child up 0 , 30 if three or more.

Are not considered their - agricultural subsidy, resulting from the family protection son or daughter with and obtained by agricultural work as self-employed worker of a contingent nature.

Take into account the income for its Full performance or product. The appropriate performance of businesses, professional, agricultural, livestock or artistic works, is the result of the difference between income and expenditure necessary to obtain them. The property gains are the result of the difference between gains and losses.

There isa special subsidy for persons over 52 yearswhich requires, in addition to the general requirements, except for the accreditation of journeys, meet the following:

  • Have contributed to the agricultural subsidies and subsidy have perceived the unabated over the past 5 years preceding the application.
  • Have sufficient time to be able to access any contributory retirement pension. Once the first right of this allowance, you can request their resumption each 12 months, without needing to justify seminars and subject to compliance with the other requirements, until the individual worker reaches the age to be able to reach any kind of retirement.
  • At the age lower than that it allows you to have access to retirement pension, except that he had not completed the qualifying sufficient time to be eligible for such pension.
  • Have paid the flat fee for common contingencies for the special agricultural capacity of Social security, in the twelve calendar months preceding the application or, where appropriate, in the period, which remained high.

Obligations, infractions and sanctions

Duration and level


Will depend on the age of the applicant and family responsibilities with the date of application, as well as in the number of actual days worked over the last twelve months prior to the situation of unemployment, according to the following table:

Duration of the grant by age and 35 or more days
Age Without family responsibilities With family responsibilities
Of 16 to 24 years 3 , 4 days of subs ./a daily basis, with a max 180 days of law 180 days
Of 25 to 51 years 180 days 180 days
Of 52 to 59 years 300 days 300 days
Of 52 to 59 years, with periods of contribution to retire in SEASS 360 days 360 days
Of 60 or more years 360 days 360 days

In the case of persons who were beneficiaries of community Employment 1983 this allowance and received in the year preceding the application, the duration of the grant will depend on age, and the number of days worked in the real 12 months prior to the situation of unemployment, according to the next scale:

Duration of the grant by age and number of days
Age Minimum length 20 days Increasing the minimum duration depending on the number of days Maximum with 35 days
Of 38 to 51 years 100 days 5 , 3 days of a grant for each day exceeding worked 20 initials 180 days
Of 52 to 59 years 100 days 13 , 33 days of a grant for each day exceeding worked 20 initials 300 days
Of 52 to 59 years if you can retire or 60 years or more 100 days 17 , 33 days of a grant for each day exceeding worked 20 initials 360 days

The days designated as fixed working people discontinuous will take into account for all intents and purposes, and not only for access to the law. Thus, it was also taken into consideration for the purposes of the duration and level of benefits (disp. transit. 2 ª, RD 5 / 1997 and arts. 4 and 5 SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 426 / 2003 ).


  • It shall 80 per cent of the indicator for multi-effect income (IPREM) newspaper that in force at any given time (Amounts for this year).

The public employment service Estatal paid directly to the treasury of Social security contributions to the General Social security system within the special system for employees agricultural expenditure, during the period of perception of agricultural subsidy or farm income ceiling, using the minimum dealing with the type of contribution for the periods of inactivity.

  • The payment of the grant shall be effected by months up through the revenue account at the financial institution elected by the individual workers, except in cases, duly justified, in which the public employment service to the State cash paymentby the financial entity.


  • Official application model.
  • Identification of the applicant and their families, 2 • Degree of consanguinity or affinity, displayed in the request, through the following documentation submission and in force (will be enough to show it in the performance of such data):
    • Spanish men and women: National identity document (DNI) or passport.
    • Foreign nationals and foreigners resident in spain:
      • Nationals of the european Union: Certificate of registration of a citizen of the european Union containing the NIE, together with the passport or identification document in their country of origin.
      • Non-nationals of the european union:Identity card of Alien/a (TAR) in the NIE, and the passport.
  • Any bank document which includes the account number of you is a holder.
  • Official family record book or certification of the Civil registration of births or family. In the case of foreign document equivalent to those mentioned above, with official translation into english.
  • Court decision or written formalization of placement containing the consent of the public Entity in each territory has vested the protection of minors and date of effect of the placement.
  • Ruling and/or settlement, in the event of separation or divorce.
  • Other documents:
    • Proof, if any, of income earned in the last 12 months prior to the application by the applicant and by those who make up the family unit in paragraphs 3 . 2 , 3 . 3 and 3 . 4 the request, other than those obtained by work in agriculture as a person employed worker of a contingent nature.
    • Company certificate signed and sealed by different companies into which it has been worked, if these have not sent to the public employment service.
    • Certification issued by the government office or branch, in which the days worked in temporary agricultural work abroad.
    • Company certificate days PER/AEPSA worked in the 12 months prior to becoming unemployed issued by the agency investor.

When, where and how we tramito

Before or at the same time of application must register as a jobseeker.

  • The deadline for requesting the grant shall be fifteen working days after the completion of work or from expiry 12 months at least since the beginning of the previous education grant.
  • The requests are processed in a subsequent 15 days of the legal situation of unemployment, are presented on time and the beginning of this subsidy will be the day after the application.

The request should be submitted through:

  • The electronic site SEPE.
  • In the office of benefits (calling for appointment in the Electronic site SEPE. or telephone).
  • In any public registration office
  • Administrative mail.

The public employment service should be resolved by the State's request in the grant 15 days after the date on which this had been presented and must notify the resolution to the applicant within 10 days from the date on which it was ordered.

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