General office active employment policies

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Deputy Director General:
Dña. Belén Rebollo Moral

C/. Condesa de Venadito, 9 -28027-Madrid.

Telephone: 91 275 16 10 / 11

Fax: 915859753


With professional level General Office and direct dependence of General manager of the public employment service state, correspond to this unit follows


a) Develop policy proposals and development in promoting employment and labour intermediation training for employment, as well as its evaluation and updating and the proposed objectives, strategies and methodology of proceedings in collaboration with the autonomous communities and social partners.

b) Make the management and monitoring programmes active policies on employment and labour intermediation employment training normatively rightful, as well as the establishment of management processes and support to the same, in the territories where there has been the handover.

c) to develop plans of control within the scope of its powers, in terms of employment, labour intermediation and training for employment, as well as proposing objectives and joint actions with labour inspection and Social security.

d) scheduling and justify the actions cofinanced by the European Social Fund in employment and training.

e) Processing drawback procedures and corrective.

f) Make the management, monitoring and control of incentives to recruitment through bonuses of contributions to Social security and management of funds and the formative actions that correspond to him.

g) Design official models of work contracts in accordance with the regulations of the same, as well as to determine the content of information and to ensure the recording of communications recruitments made throughout the State.

h) develop and propose the rules and reports on the national system of professional qualifications in collaboration with other departments affected.

i) develop and update the Professional Certificates and evidence of Evaluation and make the general the certificates of professionalism issued and accreditations partial in collaboration with other departments affected.

j) Coordinate the network of National reference centres in collaboration with other departments affected.

k) appropriate coordination in relation to the State Janurary for job training (FUNDAE).

l) develop and propose the business Plan and annual budget of the network Eures-españa in coordination with public employment services autonomist.