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Special allowance for unemployment

You need to apply for appointment to present this request on the public employment service Estatal (SEPE). Previously, you must demonstrate to the public employment service of your office autonomous action active job-searching(LSA).

The special allowance for unemployment, regulated in the consolidated text of the General law on Social security (TRLGSS), accessible to people in total unemployment in some of the following conditions:

  1. Have gone by exhaustion any unemployment benefits provided for in article 274 of TRLGSS from 05/07/2018 and those who have exhausted between 01/03/2018 and 04/07/2018 .

  2. They are long-term unemployed workers who have exhausted unemployment benefits, prepares, or RAI and were registered as a jobseeker the 01/05/2018 . (Considered person long-term stop one that has been registered as a jobseeker for at least 360 days in eighteen months immediately preceding the date of the request of the special allowance).


May be beneficiaries persons specified in ( 1 ) and 2 ), to submit the initial application for special grant from the day 05/07/2018 and within the period of validity of the same, registered as a jobseeker in public employment services that at the time of application, demonstrating compliance with the following requirements:

General requirements:

  • Lack of the right to protection by unemployment or level of contributors.
  • Not having completed the age it allows you to have access to retirement pension, forms or non-contributory, non-contributory.
  • No incomeof any nature, higher monthly computation 75 % the minimum wage (SMI), excluding the proportionate share of two extraordinary pay (Amounts for this year)and accredit family responsibilities.
  • To have ceased inadvertent errors in the past work done in the case of having worked after the exhaustion of the last right.
  • Not previously have perceived economic aid, established in the accompanying activation programme for employment (PAE).
  • On the date of its request, i do not be employed to work part-time or not to have suspended their employment contract.
  • Not having been a beneficiary prior of the special allowance for unemployment.

Specific requirements of the team that he has exhausted the unemployment allowance from 01/03/2018

Having been registered or registered as a jobseeker during the waiting period of one month since the exhaustion of the previous education grant, without having rejected adequate job or refusing to participate, unless justified cause, in the promotion, training or retraining, and to show that during this period have been taken to actively seeking employment.

They are not included in this group of persons who have become extinct by depletion the following benefits:

  • The benefit of workers 52 years for having reached the age to enable them to access the contributory pension benefits.
  • The unemployment allowance or agricultural income, in favour of persons casual included Agricultural Special Social security.
  • The programmes of renta activa de inserción (RAI) or reintegration programmes for PRODI or Prepared.

Specific requirements of the collective long-term unemployed

  1. Be extinguished by exhaustion one of the following benefits:

    • Unemployment benefit or unemployment benefit
    • Financial assistance related to:
      • Programme of renta activa de inserción (RAI)
      • Temporary protection programme for unemployment and insertion (PRODI)
      • Programme of refresher and retraining of persons to make use of their protection by unemployment (PREPARE).
  2. Having been registered or registered as a jobseeker for at least 360 days 18 months preceding the date of the request of the special allowance.

  3. Be registered or registered as a jobseeker to date 1 may 2018 . This requirement shall be deemed fulfilled in cases where the individual workers, even not to be registered as a jobseeker on that date, has suspended the registration due to the performance of work for an employer, provided that the duration of the contract has been by time below 90 days.

  4. To show that during the month preceding the date of application has conducted active pursuit of employment.

  5. Cessation of an inadvertent errors in employment prior to the exhaustion of the last of the recognized rights.

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