Emigrants who have returned and that they were in Spain before migrating

The unemployment compensation is paid after the involuntary loss of employment. The amount is perceived depends on the contributions made during the periods worked. Includes the Social insurance payments due to retirement, temporary incapacity, disability, death and survival, protection of the family and health care.


  • Be english or spanish.
  • Available at legal status of unemployment.
  • Register as a jobseeker, stay enrolled or registered while drawing, prove to be available to actively seek employment and to accept a gluing, and abide by the commitment of activity that is included in the application.
  • Contributions in Spain a minimum period of 360 days within six months preceding the date of immigration, and that they had not been taken into account for a benefit.
  • They are not receiving unemployment benefit in any other state of the The European Economic Area or switzerland.
  • There are No ordinary exacted in each case to have the right to the spanish retirement pension, except that they were not able to access it by not reaching the qualification period is required.

Obligations, infractions and sanctions