The Law 3 / 2012 , 6 July, urgent measures to labour market reform aims some developments for beneficiaries of unemployment benefits.

Likewise, the royal Decreto-ley 1 / 2013 , 25 January, which extension programme of refresher training of persons who exhaust their unemployment protection and adopting other urgent measures to employment and social protection for the unemployed, extends the deadline for the replacement of the right to unemployment benefit.

Substitution program for training workers workers receiving unemployment benefits

From 12 February 2012 unemployed workers beneficiaries of a contributory benefit or unemployment subsidy can be recruited by any company to replace workers whilst participate in training actions.

The beneficiary is obliged to participate in this replacement programme, if and when the work to play is considered a gluing, according to the rules.

For signing the contract it is necessary that the beneficiary has the certificate that facilitates the public employment service state, which indicates the amount outstanding lost the benefit. This certificate can be requested through Internet from telephone service ( 901 119 999 ) or in the office of benefits.

Indefinite contracts for entrepreneurs

The beneficiaries of contributory benefit are eligible for this new type of contract, called supporting entrepreneurs (unlimited time and full time), provided that they received at least three months of this benefit at the time of recruitment. In addition, if you wish, may reconcile each month, together with the salary, the perception of 25 % of contributory benefit that were receiving and possessing pending consume at the time of recruitment.

To sign the contract, the beneficiary should make the company the certificate of the outstanding amount lost its contributory benefit. This certificate can be requested through Internet from telephone service ( 901 119 999 ) or in the office of benefits.

If the worker wishes to choose the compatibility of the delivery with the work must take into account:

  • Apply through the printed called: request simplified unemployment benefits
  • The right to the compatibility of the delivery takes effect from the start date of the employment relationship, provided that request within 15 days from the same. After that the worker cannot rely on this compatibility.
  • Compatibility will remain solely for the duration of the contract with the maximum length of the delivery pending perceive.
  • In the case of stop work involving legal situation of unemployment, the beneficiary may opt for a new provision or by resuming the provision pending perceive. In this case, shall be deemed as period consumed Only 25 % of time in which it compatibilizó the delivery with the work.

In the event that the worker does not want to reconcile, delivery will remain suspended, apply the same treatment of placements employed full time, regulated by the current legislation.

Whether requests compatibility as if not, when causes low in the contract without having exhausted its delivery may apply the resumption of the delivery if it has generated a right with the new contract. If any generated may exercise the right of option, provided it is legally unemployed and collect the rest of the requirements.

To process the resumption or the new benefit the individual can use the service of online recognition delivery .

Replacement of entitlement to unemployment

It retains the right to reinstatement of the provision in cases where a company has previously suspended the contract or reduced the workday (for economic reasons, technical, organizational or production) and then proceed to the extinction of the employment relationship due to redundancies.

This right is to replenish the worker the same number of days of unemployment benefit consumed during the suspension of the contract or reduction of the working day, with the ceiling of 180 days.

To benefit from this measure, suspension of contract or reduced hours should take place between the day 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2013 , inclusive, and the termination of the employment relationship must occur between the day 12 February 2012 and 31 December 2014 .